PrairieSons is a team of humble plumbers and HVAC technicians. You might catch one of us bragging about a fish we caught or our kid’s latest T-ball game. Aside from that, we’re a pretty modest bunch.

Our Midwestern modesty means we aren’t fans of flashy gimmicks or sales tactics. When you welcome us into your home to take a look at your furnace, we’re not going to try to sell you on repairs you don’t need – or give you a whole song and dance about a replacement that’s oversized for your house and overpriced for your budget.

Nope. We’re going to give it to you straight. We’ll only advise whichever repairs are practical and necessary to restore your furnace’s functionality and efficiency. And when we earnestly believe repair wouldn’t prove to be cost effective, we’ll clue you in to the best replacement furnace for your heating and budgetary needs.


When Does Furnace Repair Not Make Sense?

A furnace usually lasts about 15 to 20 years (assuming it’s well maintained). If we encounter an older furnace that’s in remarkably good condition and only in need of simple repairs, then we may deem it worth saving. Even so, repairing a furnace rarely makes sense beyond the 20-year mark.

This probably isn’t news to you, but you don’t want to pay for furnace repairs very often. How often is too often to repair a furnace? That depends on a few variables, but in general, if your furnace needs professional service more than once every two years, it’s worth replacing from an economic standpoint. Instead of risk paying for increasingly frequent furnace repair, you may as well bite the bullet and spring for a replacement.

Want to take a more formulaic approach to determining whether to repair or replace a furnace? Just do the following:

  1. Receive quote for cost of repair.
  2. Multiply repair cost by age of furnace in years
  3. If sum is greater than 5,000, replacement makes more sense than repair

For example, if the repair would cost $600 and the furnace is 8 years old, then the repair is a worthwhile investment: 600 × 8 = 4,800. But if the repair costs $600 and the furnace is 10 years old … well, we think you can do the math.


How Do You Choose the Right Furnace for Your Home?

Furnace replacements are serious business. The right furnace choice will reliably and affordably keep your home warm and comfortable all winter long. The wrong furnace choice will cost you in more ways than one.

When it comes to replacing your home’s furnace, you really want to rely on an expert HVAC tech’s honest recommendation. That’s because there are a lot of important questions that need answers before you can select the best furnace for your home, such as:

  • Do you intend to continue using your existing fuel source (e.g. natural gas, propane, oil or electricity), or do you wish to switch to a more efficient and/or convenient fuel source?
  • How large is the space where the new furnace will be installed, and which models can it safely accommodate?
  • Is your current HVAC system comprised of your furnace and air conditioner packaged together, or do the two units operate independently from one another?
  • Do you want to take this opportunity to install a zoning system, which promotes better comfort and efficiency by only heating and cooling rooms when they need it?
  • How much are you comfortable spending on a new furnace?
  • Do you want to install a new air filtration system, or upgrade your existing one?


Choose PrairieSons for Expert Furnace Consultation in Sioux Falls, SD

When you choose PrairieSons to service your furnace, you won’t just get honest insight by an HVAC industry veteran. You’ll also get exemplary customer service. We respect your time, your home, and your budget, and we express it by exercising the utmost courtesy, punctuality and professionalism.We’re aware that PrairieSons isn’t your only choice when it comes to furnace repair and replacement in the greater Sioux Falls, SD area. By contacting us today, you’re giving us an opportunity to earn your business. That’s something enormously valuable. We will treat it accordingly.